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Dad Doesn’t Let His Daughter’s Allergies Stop Him From Rescuing A Dog For Their Family


When you have your heart set on a dog but you’re allergic, what does your dad do? Set’s off to make it happen by finding the perfect rescue pup. How sweet is that?

For as long as her dad can remember, Violet has been asking for a dog. Over and over, she repeats the same five little words that mean so much to her, “can we get a dog?” Sadly, each time, she got the same answer, “no.”

Her dad said it’s been “endlessly heartbreaking to tell her she can’t.” When she was a baby, her first best friend was her grandparent’s dog named Bailey and she loved dogs ever since. Her first word was even “dog!”

But Violet loves all dogs. Large and small, she adores them all. But sadly, she is allergic and has a severe reaction when she pets them. So, it’s heartbreaking for this little pup lover. And, what makes it worse is her sister can pet as many dogs as she wants.


Determined to make his daughter’s dream come true, dad decides to find Violet a dog that she’s not allergic to. Since certain pure-bred dogs cause fewer allergies in some people, dad started there. Happily, they discovered some breeds that Violet wasn’t allergic to.

But the journey to find one of these dogs didn’t start with a breeder, even though it would be easier. It was important to the family to rescue a dog. So, dad started researching and searching for the right dog for Violet.

Two weeks and endless phone calls later, they seemed to be no closer to their dog to be. Then one day the call came that the rescue had an adorable Maltese that was found wandering the streets in West Texas.

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Dad was so excited and couldn’t wait to tell the kids the news. First, their new dog needed to see a vet and be transported to their home. But the girls got to see their new pup on video, and it was love at first sight.

While they waited for Chloe, they went shopping and bought her everything she needs. She was already very loved, and they hadn’t even met her yet. She was such a lucky girl to find her way to such a great family.

Finally, the day came that dad picked up Chloe from Project Freedom Ride and she arrived at her new home. She was super excited to meet the girls and the feelings were mutual. Love and snuggles all around. Big hugs for the pup and no shortages of laps for her to sit on.

We hope you enjoyed this adorable rescue story. It is so awesome to see a family so devoted to rescuing a dog that their daughter could live with. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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