Couple is unable to leave Mexico for a year because they are unwilling to part with their rescued kitten. – Animals Nature Press

Couple is unable to leave Mexico for a year because they are unwilling to part with their rescued kitten.


Some individuals choose to leave their jobs, rent or sell their homes, pack their belongings, and travel the world with their spouses, kids, and pets, as did one British couple who chose to see the breathtaking scenery of North America.

Although they have been on the road for two years, the actual highlight of their tale is the stunning kitten they found along the route. They are now unable to envision their lives without their beloved Aimee, to the extent that they are willing to spend a year in Mexico in order to be with her.

Teachers Lee Hodges and Willow Rolfe set off on their tour across North America in their refurbished VW truck in August 2019.

They had been preparing for the journey for several years when they purchased a damaged truck in 2015 and decided to patch it up.


Willow spent two years repairing and refurbishing the truck while she was employed as a motor vehicle teacher at a mechanic school.

According to Bored Panda, when travelling through Washington, DC, they made the decision to adopt a small cat that they had discovered on the streets and who quickly became a member of their family.

Since they already had two cats at home whom they adore, they felt the urge to take in a homeless animal. As a result, they adopted Aimee, and she has been traveling with them ever since.

They even make light of the fact that Aimee travels more adeptly than other people because of the radical changes in her life.

The kitten has also been taught how to use a leash so she may accompany her parents on their outdoor excursions.

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The couple made the decision to take their kitty to Mexico after traveling extensively around the United States in quest of new experiences..




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