In a heartwarming scene, a kind man rescues a wild horse that is trapped in a fence. – Animals Nature Press

In a heartwarming scene, a kind man rescues a wild horse that is trapped in a fence.


A family in Green Mountain, Wyoming, rescues a wild horse that became entangled in a fence in this sweet scene.

The unfortunate creature had been there for a time and was unable to move even after being freed, but the guy who saved her began to pet her until the magnificent creature regained strength. The lovely moment was photographed and quickly went viral online.

Melisa Tysver was enjoying a trip through the Green Mountain, with her husband Tony and their daughter, when they stable stumbled across a hopeless wild horse. The poor animal was on the ground with her back legs stuck in a fence.

It it unknown for how long the horse was stying like that, but it’s definitely been a while.


Despite the fact that approaching a frightened animal might be quite risky, Tony acted quickly to save her life. The man is moving slowly around the horse as a result, and he soon cuts the cables to release the horse. Surprisingly, though, the horse was immobile, laying still on the ground.

So Tony then does the sweetest thing. He approaches the wild horse and starts to pet her. His daughter joins him and together they gently touch the helpless horse, until she’s strong again.

“Whatever you’re doing, you’re doing all right because it’s not fighting you,” Melisa says in the video.

Melisa Tysver writes, “We were fortunate to have the opportunity to save a wild horse while on a tour in the Green Mountain in Wyoming. On July 3, 2017, we were able to locate the same herd and discovered that she was healthy and in charge of the pack.

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Check out the rescue here:


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