An anxious mother watches as a family saves a wild foal stuck in mud. – Animals Nature Press

An anxious mother watches as a family saves a wild foal stuck in mud.


A good-hearted couple gave a second opportunity to a little foal that got caught in a mud pit and ended up in a lot of distress. Jordan Camille and his wife Candice were on their ranch in British Columbia, Canada, when they noticed an unusual group of wild horses.

They quickly noticed, however, that one of the foals was in trouble and raced to aid it. They even videotaped the spectacular rescue!

Wild horses are a typical sight for the Camilles. These magnificent creatures routinely visit drinking well on their property. However, because horses abhor human contact, they never had the opportunity to get up close and personal with them.

Nonetheless, something unusual occurred this time. Jordan was reviewing his fence lines when he saw several of the horses, particularly a mare, acting strangely. But he quickly realized why!


“Usually they run away,” Jordan’s wife, Candice told CFJC Today. “You can’t really get close to them. They take off. But this time, the one mare that’s in the video, she kept coming at us, a bit. We looped around the gully, and that’s where we noticed the baby foal stuck in the bottom of the gully in a mud hole.”

The two understood they had to work together to save the unfortunate foal, but they were also aware it would be a difficult rescue. Jordan was desperately attempting to pull the foal out of the muck, but his wife was holding the foal’s anxious mother at bay.

The tiny horse got trapped in the muck for over an hour, and it took the rancher nearly an hour to free it. But it was all worth it in the end!

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“Candice was watching for the mare as I went down into the mud pit, ” Jordan said. “I think it was about second or third try I was able to pick him and carry him out. From that point, I put him in a safe spot where the mare could come and nuzzle him. Get him drinking and moving.”

Although the Camille family had before observed defenseless foals, this was the first time they had to assist. Fortunately, owing to their generosity, the mother and her terrified foal were reunited soon after! “Finding one like that, where the mother stays back and is so protective and powerful, was a strange experience in and of itself,” Jordan explained.

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