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The German Shepherd Is 100% Yes, he is a bird.


Kai was born a German shepherd, but he believes he was intended to be a bird.

As a puppy, Kai, like his bird friends, was drawn to the birdbath in his parents’ yard, drinking from it on hot summer days.

“We had a pool in the backyard, but he always went to the birdbath to get a drink since it was closer,” Kai’s mother, Ashley Shell, told The Dodo.

Kai used to stand on his hind legs, sipping water from the birdbath. But after observing the birds using it to cool down, the pooch had a brilliant idea: why walk all the way to the pool for a dunk when he had the ideal location?


Shell observed how much her dog enjoyed the birdbath and began recording as Kai pushed his birdbath addiction to new heights.

“I started recording him because he kept leaping into it to get a drink, and I was fascinated by the balance,” Shell explained. “This was the first time he leapt up and laid down in it.”

Kai settled in and appeared entirely at ease after strolling around the unsteady bowl. He could bathe and drink at the same time there, and he did so for approximately ten minutes.

You may see the refreshing video here:

“He’s incredibly brilliant, and he’s always finding things out,” Shell added. “But he also has a funny side and enjoys playing.”

Unfortunately, Kai has outgrown the birdbath and can no longer fit in it as a 6-month-old dog. But he still enjoys going for a swim whenever he can.



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