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After 12 years, a deaf cat was reunited with his owner.


Every year, we see thousands of posts online or on the street of lost pets. Thousands of pets are currently lost and never found, but this isn’t that kind of a story. The black cat simply called Kitty you can see in the pics couldn’t find its way back home 12 years ago. After that much time being lost, everyone thought that Kitty was dead. To her owner’s surprise, she was alive and perfectly well.

Kitty is a black deaf cat that went missing 12 years ago. Her owner, Julia Nash, did everything she could to find her back then. It wasn’t to be – Kitty was missing from shelters and nowhere to be found on the streets. Eventually, Julia gave up after a long search until she received a surprising call recently.

Apparently, Kitty has been living on the streets for 12 years and was brought to the Blue Cross animal shelter. The staff scanned her ID chip and found that it belonged to Julia Nash. Of course, the cat was reunited with her owner after 12 long years. Kitty, now 16, was in great condition weighing 4 kg., so she’s obviously been eating well.

Staff at the shelter believe that she lived as a stray. Several people approached the charity organization claiming Kitty was theirs. From the moment Julia appeared through the door, it was clear who owned Kitty.

Kitty was only found thanks to her microchip. She believes that the cat would never be found if it weren’t for it. Microchip your pets, people! It helps to have it when they get lost.

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