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Dog Returns Home Six Years After Going Missing


A lady brought King, a little brown Chihuahua mix, into the Humane Society of Broward County (HSBC) towards the end of October.

The senior dog originally found himself at a shelter at the age of 15. But when the animal shelter checked King for a microchip, what would have been a nightmare for the majority of puppies, it turned out to be a gift in disguise.

As it turned out, King had a loving family waiting for him over 1,300 miles away.

But the little dog had no idea that he was one step closer to finding his way back home. “Like most dogs in a strange environment, he was very quiet, subdued and nervous,” Cherie Wachter, vice president of marketing at the HSBC, told The Dodo. “Everyone thought King was very sweet.”


King vanished from the Vasquez family’s yard in San Antonio, Texas, six years ago. They created flyers, shared them on social media, and kept going to the neighborhood shelter in vain. They continued to cling on King’s collar, never giving up faith that they might one day meet paths once more.

The family was informed that their long-lost dog was waiting for them when the shelter contacted them and left a message. They phoned again after an hour and were thrilled to hear that King was alive and well, according to Wachter. Debi and her daughter made the decision to travel to Florida to pick up King when they phoned the airlines and found there wouldn’t be any flights until the end of the week.

King’s family hopped in the car and drove over 19 hours to see him, and the reunion was everything they could have hoped for. King was shocked when his mom walked into the building after six long years apart.

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“I think King might have been a little nervous at first. There were a lot of people watching,” Wachter said. “Debi started crying, and I think she and her daughter Danae were really shocked to have their dog back after six long years. They said they never gave up hope and even brought his collar.”

You can watch the sweet reunion here:

King started to unwind as the family headed to Dania Beach to see the Atlantic Ocean. The little puppy seems to understand for the first time that his family wouldn’t be leaving this time.

“King was prancing around the beach and really started to interact with his family then,” Wachter said. “It was amazing to witness such a happy change for the little guy.”




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