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A kind dog acts to aid his bound friend in escaping.


It’s understandable why a poignant video has been making the rounds on social media lately.

It flawlessly portrays friendship.

In the now-viral clip, which has been viewed more than 5 million times, a dog is seen chewing through a leash in order to set free another pup who’s tied up alongside a house. And, fortunately, the liberator dog’s persistence pays off.

After the tether is cut, both dogs happily run off.


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Some viewers made the bold assumption that the chained dog was being saved by a stray from a life of constant imprisonment on a short leash. However, the conditions the pup was rescued from aren’t quite as bad.

Actually, Gamaliel Santos Yaez and his fiancée adore both dogs very much. Thayson and Boby are their names.

Instead of rescuing Boby from neglect, Thayson was keeping him out of the bathtub.

Yaez told The Dodo that his fiancée was preparing to bathe Boby. “We only walk them or bathe them when they are restrained by a leash. We use it to prevent them from scurrying around and becoming soiled while we wash them.

Leashing dogs in this manner while giving them a bath is a very typical practice. Thayson still liked having Boby around to play with, though.

He is that way.

Although Boby’s release by Thayson delayed bath time, Yaez couldn’t help but admire the dog’s kindness for his friend.

Yaez stated, “I was quite astonished. “They went and played after that. They were overjoyed to be playing together once more.

Thankfully, Thayson and Boby are more accepting of leashes when it’s time for walks.

Since Yañez and his girlfriend adopted Thayson and Boby, the two pups have been pretty much inseparable — so perhaps it should come as no surprise that not even bath time can come between them.

“They spend all their time together,” Yañez said. “They are very good friends.”


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