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The furniture store provides a comfortable sleeping area for neighborhood dogs.


Dr. Cem Baykal has driven by the same furniture business every day for the past six years on his way to work. And it’s tough to miss the two stray dogs loitering in front of his house whenever he passes by.

The two puppies are close buddies and are constantly together.

Istikbal Mobile is a home goods store that sells bedding, couches, curtains, and mattresses. The proprietor has a soft heart for the neighborhood strays and has resolved to do something to improve their situation.

Baykal told The Dodo, “The proprietor of this business places one of the mattresses (with a plastic cover over it) in front of the shop.” “This bed may be one of the arriving ones or it could be the one they sell that day.”


“They don’t put the bed on its side; they leave it flat, and these two stray dogs always lay and sleep there,” Baykal explained. “The business gives a bed every day throughout the winter.”

Thanks to the shop owner, the strays no longer have to find comfort on cold cement sidewalks. The dogs are well-known in the area and depend on neighbors to care for them, but this store takes it one step further.

“This street is known as a rich area and everyone gives food or water to the local dog and cats, but no one supplies quality bedding to them normally,” Baykal said. “This shop does.”

Baykal encountered the strays resting on the mattress on a chilly, wet day and decided to take a picture of them and share it on Twitter, thanking the business owner. While some have questioned the hygiene of the beds, even with the plastic cover, the majority have praised the gesture.

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Baykal recently came by the business to check on the stray dogs and discovered that they were doing OK despite the bad weather.

“We had tremendous rain in Istanbul this morning, and I saluted my friends on my way to the hospital early in the morning,” Baykal added. “The store was shuttered, but the bedding remained. The slacker was still sleeping, but his companion was up and about.

Seems the pups want to pay the good deed forward.


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