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Pitbull Requests Permission for a Pregnant Cat to Give Birth


Pit bull named Hades resides in the Mexican city of Tijuana and is highly affectionate. The cute tiny puppy demonstrates that the ridiculous misconceptions about this breed are the only thing that are incorrect. Every animal is distinct and has an own personality.

The father of Hades, Juan José P. Flores, recalls seeing a homeless cat frequently in the area. Despite being unable to approach the animal, he used to leave food for her in an effort to prevent her from being hungry on the streets. Hades unquestionably emulated his father and received a similar act of kindness from him.

The adorable Hades invited the feline that appeared to be pregnant to his kennel so that she might give birth to her young in safety.



As Juan Jose stated to The Dodo:

“He pulled a blanket to his house’s entryway and established up camp there. He made her feel safe.

Hades never parted from the cat during her pregnancy, and he watched over her as she gave birth. The cat gave birth to two kittens and undoubtedly felt comfortable and protected because of the kind dog.

The father of Hades affirms:

“I believe he believed himself to be a father.”

The father welcomed the new mother, whom they named “Nicol,” and her children into his home after the birth so that he and the anxious pit bull could be more aware of their care and any need they might have.

With his companion Nicol and the infants secure, Hades was at ease and appeared to be sleeping soundly. Since that time, Hades and Nicol have become close.

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When the two cats were ready, Hades and his father found them their everlasting homes after caring for the small family. Nicol, on the other hand, will always have Hades and Juan José as his home.


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