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Dog Guides His Owner to a package containing a lost cat and takes them in as his own.


Unfortunately, as a result of the unique Coronavirus epidemic, a growing number of pets have been abandoned by their owners, who believe they can no longer care for them.

Along with her faithful dog Aragon, a lady who also helps with SCARS, a Greek animal rescue group, seeks to combat this trend. Over 25 abandoned creatures have been rescued by the woman and her dog in the last month.

Aragon’s owner wanted to make a short movie on an infamous dumping area in the highlands, so she drove up to the mountains with her dog, as she normally did. The puppy began to drag his owner off the route while the two were walking and enjoying the beautiful environment. He sat next to a little white box that he took her to.

When the woman first opened the box, she couldn’t believe what she saw. It was stuffed with gorgeous newborn kittens that had been left to perish in that locked box. She carried the box to her car, fed and watered the kittens, and returned home with them.


It was only when the woman got home that she noticed her dog was acting differently. Instead of lying in the corner of the living room like he usually does, the pooch seemed to feel obligated to care for the kittens’ well-being. He followed their every move, kept them away from potential dangers and acted as if he was their adopted father.

Aragon’s mother, thankfully, recorded the rescue and published it on YouTube. “This time, the kittens were lucky,” she said in the video’s caption. We were walking Aragon near the mountain, intending to [record a] documentary on the massive number of animals abandoned there, when Aragon began pushing us towards them — he was the savior, and he has been an outstanding foster parent since day one.”

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Consider yourself lucky if you reside in Greece; the kittens are available for adoption on SCAR’s website.

Watch Aragon’s discovery of the kittens in the video below:


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