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Tiny Dog Enjoys Seeing Her Favorite Mailman Everyday


It’s safe to say that no one is more ecstatic than Frannie when the mail truck arrives. It is the focus of the small dog’s whole day.

Frannie stands by the door every morning, waiting for the white truck to arrive at her cul-de-sac. Her whole body begins to shiver with excitement as soon as she notices it.

The 5-month-old longhaired Chihuahua, on the other hand, isn’t interested in receiving letters and is solely interested in her mailman, Dan.

Frannie’s mother, Lisa Laskey, told The Dodo, “It’s a true, emotional connection.” “The day after we took her home, she fell in love with him.”


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Laskey had gone out to get the mail on that fateful day, clutching her new dog in her arms. She paused for a quick conversation with Dan and asked if he’d like to hold Frannie.

Laskey explained, “He got out of his vehicle and made all these goofy expressions at her and let her kiss him.” “And it’s like, since that day, this has to happen every day.”

Dan has been a fixture in the area for years, always punctual and conscientious in his work. “He’s always been the nicest mailman in the world, and everyone in our neighborhood adores him,” Laskey explained.

Laskey wasn’t surprised when her dog fell in love with Dan right away, but their touching daily ritual continues to amaze her.

“Frannie will simply sit on her small bed near the door and watch – she recognizes the white truck.” When the vehicle approaches, her small body begins to shiver, and she lets out a little yap to alert me,” Laskey explained. “I attempt to gather my belongings and get ready for her, as well as putting on her leash.” I’ll place her on the driveway as soon as he approaches our mailbox and let her loose. She sprints the length of the driveway till she reaches him… and he’s just laughing hysterically – this brightens his day.”


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Frannie looks forward to Dan’s visits, so the time apart might be difficult for her when he goes on vacation.

Dan not only brightens Frannie’s day, but he also gets a lift from playing with the tiny puppy while on his route.

“I think he’s happier to see her on certain days than she is to see him,” Laskey added. “It’s actually evolved into a wonderful bond and mutual friendship.”


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