A compassionate woman is seen stopping to demonstrate to stray dogs that they are also important. – Animals Nature Press

A compassionate woman is seen stopping to demonstrate to stray dogs that they are also important.


This video camera, which is positioned at the entryway of an office building in Georgia, was likely put to deter crime, but it recently filmed something very different.

It captured a sight of unadulterated affection.

The street out front of the office building is home to a number of stray dogs, but the reason they chose that spot is no accident. For the past several years, one of the workers there, Nino Tabatadze, has taken it upon herself to make sure the pups are cared for.


Tabatadze told The Dodo, “I give them food and water.” “I make friends with them,” says the narrator.

In other words, she makes them feel important, and as this video of Tabatadze arriving at work demonstrates, the pups couldn’t be happier.

Of all, this film is only a candid picture of Tabatadze’s friendship with the dogs who would otherwise be alone in the world.

The pups are ready to share their kinship.

Tabatadze described them as “extremely caring and warm.”

The stray dogs in Tabatadze have a friend. But for her, just knowing they’re being looked after is enough.

“Being friends with them offers me a lot of joy,” Tabatadze said. “They educate and warm the spirit,” says the author.

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