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Cat Returned to Shelter Five Times Because He Was Too “Demanding” Finds True Love


Meet James Bean!

He was branded a temperamental kitty until he found true love.

It’s hard to believe he was returned to the shelter five times for being too demanding!


“He’d been returned to the shelter five times for being ‘too demanding’,”  explains reddit user ncarbell.


“I adopted him from San Francisco Animal Control. Two years down the line and he’s the most loving cat I’ve ever had.”


On his first day home, as you can imagine, he wasn’t sure how long he would stay after having been sent back five times.

“He was deeply ambivalent about being in a new place.”

After having a good snoop around his new surroundings, he discovered a very comfortable bed and laundry hamper that was purr-fect to snuggle in.

He had finally found a place that he could call home.


He truly is a delightful kitty demands belly rubs and lots of attention.


“He’s discovered that there’s nothing more satisfying than hiding out in a box or the hamper,” his human said. “He really loves it.”


He’s a very loving kitty. “He loves staring meaningfully at me while I work.”


Two years after adoption, and this is has become his favorite sleeping spot.

Holding on tight to his human mamma!

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