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Stray Afraid Of People Works Up The Courage To Ask 1 Man To Take His Pain Away


Stray animals not only face starvation, they are left to deal with medical complications on their own, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Thankfully, animal heroes do all they can to step in and help. When a group heard about a homeless dog with a massive tumor, they tried to track him down. It wasn’t easy, but finally, they got a call that he was wandering through a pagoda nearby.

Once they arrived, they were in awe at the size of the mass on his shoulder. The dog was in obvious pain and continued to try and lick the pain away. The rescuers were devastated that he had been going through this all alone. They had to get him to the vet clinic right away.

He was now considered an urgent case and was rushed to Emergency Vet Partner. The vet was taken aback that the dog had even survived this long! When the vet and his team got closer, they could smell the infection ruminating from the tumor and the tissue around it. It was filled with puss and blood. He needed surgery immediately.


Once the vet removed the tumor, it was like looking at a whole new dog. He still needed IV antibiotics and pain meds around the clock. The rescue group started reaching out to medical fosters to take him in once he was discharged.

Amazingly, the former stray began to recover faster than expected and was well enough to go to his new home. His medical foster mom simply adores him! She makes sure he makes all his vet appointments and takes all his meds. He’s still on pain medication but is coming along really well! The vet says he will make a full recovery and live a normal life.

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We are delighted that this precious pup was saved just in time! Thank you to all the animal heroes out there that do this out of the kindness of their hearts. To see the dog’s remarkable transformation, scroll on down.

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