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The Best Treatment For A Dog That Must Always Be Held is Found by the Rescuers


Bill’s busy rescuers at Vintage Pet Rescue weren’t sure how to handle the 10-year-old blind dog’s demand to be carried constantly when he first arrived.

After that, they recalled having a life-sized human dummy.

It was the ideal response.

This isn’t the first time the rescue has used the huge dummy, named FARC, as a means of comforting elderly dogs.


FARC was born out of necessity when rescue owners Kristen and Marc Peralta needed a way to deal with their senior pug Shorty’s separation anxiety. Everytime Marc was gone, Shorty would become desolate, missing his dad.

Then Joanne McManus, Kristen’s mother, had a genius idea: Why not put one of Marc’s shirts on a huge dummy?

It worked like a charm.

We initially assumed it would just be a cute photo opportunity, Kristen Peralta told The Dodo. However, it was effective and the dogs adored it.

Now, FARC steps in to help anytime a puppy at the shelter requires a little extra care. FARC is content to chill out eternally, much to the joy of the dogs in his loving, plastic arms, even if a real human must eventually get up.

“We’ve used FARC over the years whenever we had a new dog with separation anxiety or stress,” Peralta said. “It’s really quite incredible how the dogs react.”

Since Bill is an especially anxious boy who doesn’t like to explore or be on his own, FARC has been a perfect way to keep him calm and happy during moments when rescue staff aren’t available to hold him themselves.

“Obviously we would love to be able to hold Bill all day, but there’s always a lot to be done here at the rescue,” Peralta said. “As long as he’s comfortable and happy — that’s all that matters.”

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After weeks spent in FARC’s caring-yet-inanimate embrace, Bill was finally adopted into his new family. Now he has all the love he deserves from someone with plenty of time to keep him company.

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