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Cat That Never Let Mail Be Delivered


Normally, Elizabeth Lara finds delivering the mail to be a rather normal affair — until she arrives at Milo’s house.

Lara told The Dodo, “I see him almost every day.”

Milo has strong views about the mail being delivered, therefore every day, as if by clockwork, when the mail arrives, Milo is there to express his thoughts.


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“Whenever I attempt to put [in] the mail, he constantly begins slapping the mail or my hands, but only playfully, never with claws or anything,” Lara explained.


Milo swiftly attempts to bat the mail away as soon as he sees it start to slip through the slot, and it’s become one of his favorite pastimes. Even though bringing the mail to Milo’s home sometimes be difficult due to his games, Lara likes him and counts visiting him as one of her favorite aspects of her route.

“I finally captured it to share with folks who makes my day 100 times better,” Lara explained. “He’s the nicest!”

Milo will never stop attempting to bat the mail away, even if it always makes it through the slot. He might just be able to keep the mail out of his house one of these days.

Until then, Lara will savor every adorable effort and be grateful that she managed to land the nicest mail route ever.

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