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Woman Startled By An Optical Illusion Of A Puppy In The Backseat


Introducing Howard, a 5-month-old Great Dane who is still getting adjusted to his rapidly expanding frame.

According to Howard’s mother Ellen MacKenzie, “He’s all legs right now.” He’s still attempting to understand how those operate.

So far, Howard has mastered a few pastimes, like gently strolling with his mother through dog-friendly establishments and swimming in Lake Superior.

However, he still has to practice sitting elegantly in a moving or parked automobile.


Even though Howard has complete control of the rear seat when traveling by automobile, the inquisitive dog enjoys exploring other areas of the car. He leaps into the front seat with gusto if the car is stopped and his safety belt is not fastened.

Howard enjoys putting his head out the open sunroof when the car is in motion and standing on all fours.

When he opens his mouth to speak, all you can see are his ears and chops moving in the breeze, according to MacKenzie.

Howard also loves to reach over the back seat to get a whiff of whatever is in the trunk if the privacy screen in the hatchback is missing. His large front legs droop over the barrier when something smells particularly nice, leaving his hind legs dangling over the back seat.

When this occurs, MacKenzie is aware that she only has a short window of time before Howard consumes whatever lures him back there.

Because of this, one day after loading the trunk with groceries, she hurriedly began yelling Howard’s name when she glanced over her shoulder and noticed a set of Great Dane legs floating in the back.

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MacKenzie stated, “I didn’t want him to go into the bread bag. I simply kept shouting, “Howard! Get away from there!

When MacKenzie managed to catch Howard’s attention, he didn’t wriggle back into his seat as she had hoped after hearing his name. He just rotated his head and laid it on the edge of the headrest, keeping his front legs firmly planted in the trunk.

Since the car was parked, MacKenzie made a split-second decision to record the funny moment in a 9-second video and sent it to her friends. They suggested that she put it on TikTok, and when she did, it immediately went viral.

You can watch it here:


greatdane puppiesoftiktok

♬ What you looking at stranger – OG memes

MacKenzie captured the viral video at just the right time. Howard quickly grew too big to wrap himself around the middle headrest like that again.

“Now when he does it, he can’t turn around,” MacKenzie said. “He gets his back end stuck between the middle headrest and the side headrest. I have to stop the car completely to get him unstuck.”

Since Howard is growing larger every day, he won’t be able to trunk-surf for very long. But the Scooby Doo-like Great Dane, who is still growing, nevertheless has a mischievous driving habit that MacKenzie gets to enjoy.

Howard’s ears and chops are currently enjoying life out the window while I have a Scooby Doo Mystery Machine car sticker on the back of my vehicle, MacKenzie remarked. He is undoubtedly a character.


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