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Guy Throws 9 Puppys In A Bush After Failing To Sell Them


The RSPCA decided to investigate after receiving anonymous allegations that someone was selling critically ill pups out of a truck. Mel Fisher, an RSPCA inspector, went to the location where the vehicle was last seen and was utterly taken aback by what she saw.

Fisher spotted the van discarded nearby, absolutely empty — with nine extremely nervous small pups of various breeds and ages gathered together in a container in a bush next to the van.

“It was during a hot spell, so they were panting and incredibly silent because it was such blistering heat,” Fisher explained in a news statement.

It was unknown how long the puppies had been sitting in that container, and when Fisher approached them, they scarcely moved. Knowing the puppies would require medical treatment as soon as possible, Fisher snatched them up and raced them to a local vet practice to be examined out before transferring them to the RSPCA’s Blackberry Farm Animal Center.


Because the pups had been left out in the sweltering heat for so long, they were quite unwell, and the shelter workers were terrified that they would not survive.

“When they initially came in, they were sluggish and quiet, they had diarrhea, and [we] were really concerned,” Fisher explained.

Despite this, all nine babies miraculously recovered, and after a few weeks, they were finally acting like regular, bouncy puppies. They were given the names Agnes, Barbara, Cheryl, Davina, Denise, Jerry, Jim, Joey, and Norman by their rescuers.

“When we rescued them, they were really quiet and thirsty, and to see them now playing like normal pups generating commotion is just great because they are tiny personalities again, which is brilliant,” Fisher added.

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The nine pups were put up for adoption as soon as they were all perfectly healthy, and it didn’t take long until each and every one of them was placed in a loving permanent home. They’re all secure and happy now, and they’re loving life with their new family.

“He adds a lot of joy and love to our house — and exercise,” Jim’s new mother, Gloria Westbrook, said in a news statement. “And he adds laughter to our lives.” He’s basically simply a huge, bouncing teddy bear.”

Despite the fact that they have all found new homes, the puppies have become local superstars and will soon feature on the TV show “The Dog Rescuers.” They’ll all be reunited later this month for an RSPCA event. Despite their difficult start in life, the puppies are now living the dream, and everyone who assisted in their rescue is delighted to see how well they’re doing.



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