Unable to believe someone came to save them are 18 dogs chained outside a church. – Animals Nature Press

Unable to believe someone came to save them are 18 dogs chained outside a church.


When workers at Barking Mad Dog Rescue in Romania were approached by a local city council and asked to investigate a group of dogs housed in the yard of a church, they were confused and had no clue what to expect. The rescue dispatched two volunteers to check the issue, and nothing could have prepared them for what they saw.

When they got in the church’s yard, they saw 18 terribly underweight dogs chained to various poles. The majority of the chains were not even long enough for the dogs to lie down and were digging severely into their necks. There was no food or drink to be found. Despite their evident abuse, the canines brightened up when they met the two women, so happy to see some loving faces.

“They literally hugged us when they saw us,” Gea, a Barking Mad Dog Rescue team leader, told The Dodo.


According to reports, a priest at the church rescued all 18 canines from the streets but had no knowledge how to properly care for them. When questioned if he fed them, he informed the women that he did on Mondays and Thursdays, but that was it.

All 18 dogs were obviously starving and in serious need of love and attention. The women had no clue if the rescue had the funds or the capacity to accept all 18 canines, but they determined that they would find a way to make it work.

“Our shelter was filled, but we couldn’t leave them there,” Jess, a Barking Mad Dog Rescue volunteer, told The Dodo.

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They quickly began distributing food and drink to all of the dogs, who happily took it and were overjoyed to meet their new pals. After much deliberation, the rescue planned to install extra cages as soon as possible to house all of the incoming dogs. The woman who found them that day picked six canines who appeared to need their assistance the most and left enough food and water for the remaining twelve, vowing to return as soon as possible.

In only three days, the rescue was able to construct larger cages to hold the additional 12 dogs, and then warmly welcomed them all into its care.

All 18 dogs were severely underweight and had a variety of medical conditions that needed to be addressed, but despite everything they’d gone through, they were all quite sociable from the start. All they wanted was love and attention from their saviors, and each one appeared overjoyed to be free of their shackles.

“Most have been named, with something that fits their personalities,” Jess explained. “Walla, Shima, Saphira, Poldi, Pepsi, Liesel, Gwendy, Flocke, Elli, Bobby, Bingo, Bao, Anton, Adena, and Emely,” they say. We’re still looking for the appropriate names for the remaining ones.”

The dogs are all doing so well under the care of their new companions, and as soon as they are all healed, vaccinated, and neutered, the rescue will begin the process of finding them the right forever family.

“They’re all very sociable; they’ll be great fur family members,” Jess added.

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