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Underneath All This Mud, There’s A Fuzzy Baby Animal


When a wild fox cub chose to investigate a construction site in his neighborhood, he had no idea he was endangering himself.

The curious 4-month-old fox became caught in the mud and had no way of getting out.

Fortunately, the mud-covered animal was spotted by a group of helpful construction workers. They may have just left him to die. They may have mocked him for resembling a rabbit or a dog rather than a fox. They, on the other hand, did the correct thing.

Concerned staff travelled nearly 20 kilometers to transport the fox to the South Essex Wildlife Hospital (SEWH), a rescue and rehabilitation facility for all types of wild animals.


“We rescue a lot of foxes, always from human-made threats,” SEWH founder Sue Schwar told The Dodo.

“This one had fallen in foundations too deep for [him] to leap out,” Schwar explained. “We receive a large number of [animals] who have been unlawfully poisoned, ran over again, entangled in nets, and so on. Many of these injuries are entirely preventable.”

This fox was most likely out exploring since his family had been forced to relocate due to construction. According to the Humane Society of the United States, there is “no bigger threat to animal life than habitat loss caused by different land projects (HSUS).” The group goes on to say:

When the bulldozers arrive, the animals are slaughtered. Those who are able to leave the destruction have unclear prospects; if they can locate a new home, it will most likely already be inhabited by others of their species.
Fortunately, unlike many other animals impacted by humans, this fox’s story has a better conclusion.

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The little cub looked like a fox again after a nice wash.

Schwar and the rest of the SEWH team have been doing fantastic work to save animals such as birds, frogs, and, of course, foxes since 1995.

CREDIT: Whitehotpix/ZUMAPRESS.com

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