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Traffic jam victims receive the most amazing visitors


Traffic delays are a definite way to irritate anyone, but happily for South African drivers, some gorgeous guests provided plenty of excitement to make up for the delay.

Four massive male lions sauntered over the asphalt in the rain while cars queued on a busy route in Kruger National Park.

Drivers were unable to pass the large animals, creating what was probably the most magnificent jam ever. Fortunately, the breathtaking scene was captured on video.

While some may believe this is a typical occurrence in South Africa, what the drivers witnessed was quite stunning. These lions are members of the Mantimahle males, a well-known lion pride in Kruger.


These lions, who are most likely brothers, half-brothers, and cousins, have formed a coalition to fight off other males fighting for the affection of lionesses inside their area. They’re guarding their farm together in the video, making sure no unwelcome visitors come walking through.

With the power to put a whole road full of vehicles to a stop, this gang is unquestionably a force to be reckoned with — and those who witnessed it will remember it for years to come.


“I had a similar encounter with lions in Kruger 10 years ago,” one commentator said about the video. “It was an experience I’ll never forget.”

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