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Lost Kitten Apparently Manages to Get Under Someone’s Car


A man was waiting at a Hardee’s drive-through window in Kentucky when he observed an employee giving him weird looks. He immediately understood that the loud meows coming through the drive-through window were originating from someplace under his car.

He pulled over and looked underneath his car, and his concerns were confirmed: there was a cat trapped underneath his car, with no chance of getting out on her own.

The manager walked over to see if any of the technicians could help because fortunately Midas of Frankfort was an auto shop just next to the restaurant. They agreed to assist right away and had the automobile delivered to their shop so they could start working. Everyone wished they could get the small cat out of the car as soon as possible since they were so frightened about her.

D. Scott Bourne, owner and managing director of the Midas of Frankfort, told The Dodo that “the cat tried to crawl through a hole in the rear subframe and was stuck after realizing she couldn’t retreat backwards.”


The kitten had been stranded for several hours at that time and was plainly bewildered and afraid. The mechanics chatted to her and petted her gently while they worked to disassemble the car and free her, attempting to let her realize that they were there to assist her.

“She was fairly docile because she was weary and dehydrated,” Bourne explained. “It was 90 degrees outside, and I couldn’t tell how hot it was under the car.”

After more than an hour of effort and dismantling sections of the car, the technicians were able to rescue the cat, and everyone was relieved to see that she looked to be in good health. The owner of the car was extremely appreciative to the mechanics for helping out and offered to pay them, but they refused. All they had wanted was to help the kitten, and knowing she was safe was payment enough.

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The kitten, later given the name Marigold, was brought in by her rescuers for the night before being taken right away in the morning to the veterinarian. She was around nine weeks old, and the veterinarian found that she was in excellent condition aside from ear mites and a few small wounds and scrapes. Thanks to the compassion and perseverance of her rescuers, Marigold had miraculously emerged unscathed from her ordeal.

Marigold has now been adopted by some of the rescuers’ friends, and she’s adjusting to her new home really well. No one is certain of her origins or how she became trapped beneath the car, but she managed to make her way there and is overjoyed to have a new family who loves her.




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