A faithful dog travels 125 miles to return to her owner after being rejected. – Animals Nature Press

A faithful dog travels 125 miles to return to her owner after being rejected.


A loyal Bullmastiff dog named Maru traveled 125 miles with tears in her eyes to come back home to her owner who rejected her. Everything happened when Maru was just a year old.


Her owner put her on the Trans-Siberian train to take her back to the kennel in Novosibirsk where she was born. The owner said that she was allergic to Maru and didn’t want to keep her anymore.

But things didn’t go as planned as Maru managed to escape from the train and tried getting back home. Witnesses and the train staff said that Maru used her paws to open the compartment door and fled as the train stopped at a remote station near Achinsk.

They tried to catch her and get her back on the train but to no avail. She jumped out like a bullet and ran into the swampy Siberian forest.


She trekked through Siberian forests, avoiding bears and wolves as she desperately tried to go home. Although the journey was dangerous and she was also wounded, she didn’t give up.

The only thing on her mind was getting back to her owner. Sadly, she didn’t know that she wasn’t welcome there any longer.
When Alla Morozova, the kennel owner learned what happened, she organized a search for Maru. Thankfully, after nearly three days of searching, Maru was found at an industrial estate near her former owner’s home. She was exhausted, dehydrated, and starving.

“Luckily neither bears ate her, nor wolves chewed her up. She was very tired. She was lame, her paws were broken. The pads on her feet were damaged. Her muzzle was broken,” Morozova told The Siberian Times.

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She was later taken to Novosibirsk kennels, where she was reunited with her mother and father.

Morozova believes that if Maru was not wound, she would actually manage to get back home. She was angry that Maru’s former owner didn’t show any signs of concern for her. They did not join the search even though they were the ones who put her in danger in the first place.
After all, we are happy to know that Maru is now healthy and safe. No decision has been made on her future yet, but we believe that she will find a forever home that she deserves.

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