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Dog’s Attempt at Retaliation Against Cone Goes Very, Very Wrong


When Yuki got an ear infection, his family gave him a cone to wear for a week to prevent him from scratching his ear. Yuki, on the other hand, despised the cone. He managed to pull it off numerous times, but his family kept putting it back on him, much to his dismay.

When he was finally free of having to wear the cone, he was overjoyed — and even more so to be able to exact his revenge.

Yuki was playing by himself one day when he discovered the cone lying there. This was his opportunity. He rushed on the cone and attempted to demolish it, but the cone quickly defeated got the better of him.


“While I was in the kitchen, I saw Yuki wasn’t there, so I went outside and there he was standing in humiliation,” Yuki’s father, Mohammad Ali, told The Dodo.

Yuki had a guilty expression on his face and couldn’t believe the cone had outsmarted him again again.

Yuki’s father quickly freed him from the cone, and he continued on his path — but he got himself trapped the same way a couple more times.

“He never learns his lesson,” Ali observed.


Maybe one day Yuki will eventually defeat the cone, but today is not that day.


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