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Woman Helps Two Cats She Rescued For Nearly $19,000 A Year


Kelly Walker, a 43-year-old lady from the United Kingdom, decided to arrange a vacation to Turkey in the midst of the Covid 19 lockdowns and restrictions. After her divorce, the woman moved back in with her mother and planned her next trip to the Turkish beach resort of Antalya.

She eventually got his well-deserved vacation, but while touring the area, she stumbled upon two kittens dwelling on a rock. Delilah and Harriet had apparently been living near a spa for a long time, and it was evident that they needed help immediately.

The cats had major health issues and were unlikely to live, so the woman decided to save them and bring them back to her home country.

Kelly began the process of assisting the pair of cats and transporting them to their house in this manner, but it would not be an easy chore. However, the mother was prepared to go to any length to aid the kittens, including using her funds from a home loan and other sources.


Kelly devised numerous feeding plans in order to acquire the trust of the cats and rescue them from the cliff. She was eventually able to capture them and transport them to a veterinary facility for much-needed care, which cost more than $3,000.

She also had both cats neutered, vaccinated, and given all required treatments to restore their health, regardless of how expensive it was.

Kelly said according to METRO:

“That money wasn’t just to spend on nothing, but I couldn’t just leave these poor little souls like this, with no one to help them.”

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After all, many people bought pets or helped animals in the midst of the lockdown to try to make sense of their lives.

The woman had to return to her house, but she could not take the two cats with her, so she decided to return to Turkey in January this year. Due to her restrictions, Kelly attempted to return to Antalya via Romania and Istanbul, but was stopped at the Istanbul airport.

Kelly commented:

“[In Istanbul] they checked my passport and asked me where I was from. They said: ‘you have to isolate yourself here’, it was a Turkish hostel, and I said: ‘No, I can’t do that’, then they said: ‘You can’t leave the airport’”.

The woman was stranded for several days at the airport, with limited access to food and drink, so she decided to return to the UK. However, Kelly managed to put the two cats up at a pet hotel, and she paid for her lodging until she was able to return.

This time, the woman was prepared to take the two rescued felines, but she again returned empty-handed, due to animal export protocols.

Kelly added:

“When I got to the airport with the cats, obviously to go back to the UK, they told me point-blank: ‘That’s not possible. They can’t fly to the UK from here.’

At that time, the woman had already spent more than 14,000 thousand dollars, so she felt that she could not do more for them. Despite that, Kelly asked several airlines, and she basically got the same answer, but she didn’t give up hope that she could help them.

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As a last option, the woman contacted an animal rights group and was able to take the kittens to her house.

The woman was finally reunited with Harriet and Delilah, and after so much hassle and trouble, it all seemed to make sense.

Kelly said:

“I know I spent that money and I don’t make much, I’m just a hairdresser, but it made me feel like I had done something worthwhile.”

In the end, Kelly spent almost $19,000, but what really matters is that she can now enjoy her life accompanied by her two cats.

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