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Internet stardom for a dog with a crooked face


A puppy acquired from an animal shelter rose to fame on TiK Tok when his father began broadcasting amusing footage of the lovely crooked-faced dog in order to silence individuals who called him “ugly.”

Alan is a one-year-old puppy born from a hybrid between a Saluki and a Boxer who has a significant facial malformation that gives him his unique appearance. This malformation causes your nose to twist and tilt to the right, exposing your lower teeth permanently.

Despite his physical limitations, multiple videos and photographs shot by his father have been broadcast on various social networks, making him an Internet celebrity.

The video shows the playful puppy lounging on the couch with Dad, enjoying a nice treat off the kitchen counter. In his home, he can also be seen playing with his family and adopted siblings, and he enjoys jumping around the room.


The dog now enjoys his new life with Johanna, her husband Dan, their daughter Darcy, and other rescued creatures, but he had a difficult start in life.

Alan was discovered living on the streets of Doha, Qatar, with his mother, father, and seven siblings when he was two months old. He was transported to a rescue facility 10 months ago, when Johanna saw him for the first time and decided to stay with him.

According to Johanna, as reported by the Daily Mail:

“I knew I was going to adopt Alan as soon as I saw his crooked face. I couldn’t just walk away; I was completely sucked in.”

The woman fell in love with Alan’s crooked face, but after a few days she learned that not everyone thought the dog’s look was charming. So she decided to show the world how lovely he is on the inside and exterior by creating a Tik Tok account.

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Alan’s family wants to show people that he is happy and lives a regular life like any other dog. Alan’s videos of him enjoying his best life have catapulted him to Internet celebrity, and he now has over 140 thousand followers and over a million likes.

Johanna is inspired by Alan’s celebrity and believes that the puppy’s Tik Tok will motivate more people to adopt special-needs canines.

Johanna remarked:

“I’ve had a lot of negative feedback on Alan’s looks. People have said they’d give me money so he3 could have surgery and reconstruct his face, but there’s no way.”

In reality, the woman took Alan to the vet to be checked for probable surgery and to avoid any respiratory issues. However, after being tested, they determined that he had no issue; he was fully healthy.

To operate on Alan, they’d have to shatter and realign his nose and jaw, which would be excruciatingly painful for something purely aesthetic; it just wouldn’t make sense.

According to Johanna:

“I also receive a lot of negative feedback on his TikTok username. It’s offensive to some, but it’s supposed to be sarcastic.”

Johanna continued, saying:

“Haters may say anything they want, but Alan is our dog, and we know he’s lovely and unique.”

Despite unfavorable feedback, they receive thousands of supportive responses demonstrating Alan’s followers’ adoration. Now he can’t go anywhere without being recognized, and people point him out and say, “Look, it’s the dog of Tik Tok.”

According to Johanna:

“The majority of the comments and messages we receive on TikTok are quite nice. Everyone adores him.”

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The woman seizes the chance to emphasize that the dogs acquired from shelters turn out to be the most wonderful, since they will be eternally thankful to their new family.

Johanna continued, saying:

“It’s similar to a natural therapy dog. Put your hand on Alan and everything melts away, absorbing all of this year’s tension and stress. He has no idea what he looks like, therefore it doesn’t affect him; he’s a puppy who loves life.”

Alan will continue to enjoy his wonderful life and demonstrate to others that being different is not a hindrance to happiness.

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