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Girl Cries uncontrollably after seeing the dog she believed was lost forever


Fergus, a 200-pound Irish wolfdog who lives with his family in Nashville, Tennessee, had a tough patch while driving in the car with his folks. A car rear-ended them at a red signal, and the force of the accident threw Fergus, who was shaken by the hit and got up and headed away from the car.

Fergus’ sister, Meredith McKay Luckett, told The Dodo:

“My father had already stepped out of the car and was looking for him, but he had just vanished. As you could expect, he was terrified and simply fled.”

Meredith and her family informed their neighborhood to the absence of their beloved dog, and within minutes, hundreds of people from all around the city arrived to assist in the search for the massive dog.


The young lady stated:

“Within 30 minutes after the accident, individuals were scurrying about the area, attempting to assist us in locating Fergus. We had rescue crews on the scene, as well as power stations, and we were trying our best to stay on the rails.”

The days passed with no sign of Fergus, but the villagers refused to give up hope.

Meredith stated,

“Cars were traveling with flashing lights on and slowing down two miles from the incident site at any one moment. It was great.”

Meredith received a phone call just as her hopes were fading and it appeared that Fergus would not return.

She stated:

“I was still sleeping when my phone began to ring, and they said, ‘We’ve got your dog.’”

She was overjoyed to find that her adoring dog was finally safe.

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Meredith also stated:

“He is unquestionably a good-natured colossus. He’s a bit of a diva who prefers to be indoors, which is one of the reasons we were worried he was outdoors. Unquestionably a spoilt pet.”

Fergus’ mother was already present when the girl arrived at Fergus’ house, which was reasonably near to the collision site. Meredith couldn’t help but cry when she saw her puppy again. The dog, for his part, joined him, cuddled up on his shoulder and howled with delight.

She stated:

“It was obviously a very emotional encounter.”

The family took the dog to the clinic to be treated for the injuries he sustained in the mishap.

Meredith stated,

“It’s going to be a difficult journey for him. We’re concentrating our efforts right now on healing it.”

For the time being, Fergus is recuperating at home with his family, who are overjoyed to have him back.

Meredith eventually stated:

“Before all of this, I thought he was spoilt, but now they treat him like a king. People have been sending him presents, and he has received some new toys and snacks. He’s simply living the dream, and we’re just making sure he’s happy.”


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