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The mother cat had no more kittens, but shortly after, an orphaned baby appeared


Meet Flame, the ill kitten that was brought to the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) and needed a miracle to live. That miracle came in the shape of Ember, a very special mommy cat who took care of Flame and helped her recover. The elder feline had only one week left before Mother’s Day when she learned the devastating news that none of her newborn kittens would survive. She had lost all of her kids, but she had not lost her motherly instinct, Christina Hill, head of marketing and communications at AHS, told The Dodo. “She had lost all of her babies.” When it came time for Ember to meet Flame, the ill kitten, it should not have come as a surprise that she immediately began doting on the teeny-tiny creature with affection.

Hill told Bored Panda that putting her together with Flame was the finest thing that could have happened for either of them. “Without wasting any time, the bereaved mother quickly took care of the little cat by brushing him, hugging him, and allowing him to feed.”

The mother cat and her kitten have been placed in foster care, and they will both soon be available for adoption. Hill said that it “would be really wonderful” if the two of them could be adopted together. They would absolutely adore it! And remember, two cats are always preferable than one.”



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