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Four-year-old dog who was chained outside is now very loved.


On a farm in central Georgia, a forlorn dog was discovered earlier this year tethered to a tree without any food, a bed, or any protection from climate change. For four years, he was subjected to terrible circumstances.

He had a sad appearance, weighing just around 11 kilograms although a pit bull should weigh between 20 and 30 kilograms, and had wounds from shackles on his neck.

After receiving an anonymous complaint, the Cordele Animal Shelter made the tale public by posting it on social media along with some tragic photographs.

The poor creature was in desperate need of a new home where he would finally receive the love he had been denied for so long.
The public’s response to hearing the dog’s tale was quite positive; they extensively disseminated it, and the organization Go Dogs Go Rescue Inc did not think twice to rush to the area as soon as possible to rescue him; they were prepared to reroute their lives.

Thankfully, the dog, formerly known as “Cocaine,” quickly located a foster home where he is recovering well.

Furthermore, he is now known as ‘Hero’ in recognition of his bravery and strength, and the transformations he has undergone as a result of his rescuers’ devotion are well-known.

He was found to have heartworm, a parasite condition that inflames the heart and arteries. This was worrying, but a rescue team update revealed that he is now fully healthy following therapy.

After being chained for so long, he can now sleep in a comfortable bed, and the food he has been receiving has been essential to helping him put on weight.
The foster parent updated her profile.

“He’s amazing. After giving him a small snack, I put the bed in his kennel. He calmed down and entered the room by himself. It has a nightlight and a radio.

The most current pictures of Hero show his development. The dog who was dejected and shackled has formed a strong personality.

One of his rescuers wrote on Facebook:

He is kind, considerate, and submissive. Hero’s sole objective for the day is to show kindness to the other animals.

His previous, uncaring family was unaware of how to respect him; they were found out, and swift punishment is anticipated.

In order for animals to live in the homes they deserve, it is also anticipated that the Hero story would help to sensitize people’s hearts and persuade them to cease tolerating cruelty.




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