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A Homeless Woman Sleeps In A Garbage Bag So That Her Six Dogs Can Be With Her


A homeless lady was found wandering the streets of Tijuana, Mexico, sheltering from the cold and rain inside a plastic bag. When people found out that the enormous trash bag was being used as a makeshift home for the six dogs that are considered to be their most valuable possession, they were taken aback.

Chole is a nickname given to Luz Mara Olmedo Beltrán, who is 65 years old. The woman has been living on the streets for the past eight years, but despite the worsening conditions in which she finds herself, she is more concerned about the health of her dogs than she is about her own situation. The mother puts forth a lot of effort to care for her children, provide for them, and feed them.

Photographer Omar Camarillo captured these heartfelt images of a woman and her six loving canine companions on one of their walks. The photos were an instant hit on social media and drew the compassion of thousands of people. This was not only due to the fact that they showed the elderly woman’s difficult living conditions, but also due to the fact that they exemplified unconditional love and compassion, which is something that this story leaves behind.

When the police arrived at the site where Chole was, they made an attempt to convince her to go to a shelter, but she did not comply with their request. The officer persisted for close to a quarter of an hour, but did not receive a positive response.


She burst into tears almost immediately after realizing that animals were not allowed inside the shelter, and as a result, she would have to remain outside with them.

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Between cries, the homeless woman explained why she couldn’t abandon her six dedicated companions, one of whom was about to give birth, because she worried for their safety if they were left alone on the street. One of the homeless woman’s companions was about to give birth.

Chole is quoted as telling the police:

“I have no interest in going; I don’t want assistance; I’m doing fine here.”

In the end, the law enforcement officers were successful in convincing the woman to check into a warm place to spend the freezing night. Chole spent the night in his son’s house, but on the following morning, she and her dogs were back out on the streets.

A woman who had been impacted by the tale and had followed it on social media went over to the other woman and her dogs to offer aid.

After hearing Chole’s tale, Alejandra Córdova Castro was moved to action and came over bearing gifts of food, drink, blankets, and socks. Even though it’s just a small act of kindness, it means a great deal to the lady who is struggling to provide for her animals on her own.

Alejandra shared the information on Facebook with the goal of getting as many people and as much money as possible to contribute.

In her blog entry, Alejandra wrote the following:

Send me a note if you wish to donate something, such as a blanket or food, but you don’t have a way to transport it. I have a car and would be happy to drive them if the chance presented itself. I couldn’t hold back the emotions as she thanked me over and over again.

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The elderly woman, who is not in excellent condition, is presently staying in a shelter for which she pays fifty pesos per day. Although she is not in good health, she is surrounded by her animals, which is everything to “Chole.”

Omar continues by stating the following:

“The circumstances of the woman’s living predicament surprised me. In spite of the fact that it has certain shortcomings, I was able to perceive that “La Chole” has a big heart since it helps animals.


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