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Kayakers search the river and find a lost dog, which they then bring back to the shore.


There are several reasons why a dog could lose its home, but in the US, the Fourth of July tends to be a nightmare for animals due to pyrotechnics, and many end up missing. Fortunately, a group of kayakers found one such dog. They managed to locate a missing puppy in time and transport her securely to her house.

Many families try to sooth their animals who are alarmed by noises during the Fourth of July night, but this is insufficient. The dog of one household became so frightened by the loud explosions that she made the decision to flee from her home.

Unfortunately, scared animals sometimes lose their sense of direction, thus the dog went missing for a few days until being found by some kayakers.

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On July 9, a group of kayaks decided to embark on a trek down the Chariton River located close to Centerville in Iowa. Little did they know what was in store for them along the way. As they were traveling down the river and soaking in the view, they came across a nervous dog on the bank that seemed to be in need of assistance and seemed to be lost.

Immediately after seeing that the dog required immediate aid in order to be rescued and extricated from this predicament, everyone’s attention was drawn to the animal.

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Reportedly, Shakira Sias, one of the kayakers, told KCCI the following:

If we hadn’t been able to take her from the river fast enough, we never would have been able to pull her off of that bank. Due to the fact that the waters surge to such a great level, she would have been carried away by the river.

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They were able to go closer and discovered that the nervous dog was a beautiful boxer named Ethyl who was 10 years old and was wearing a collar.

Because the dog wore an identification tag, the people who came to its rescue were able to get in touch with Ethyl’s family and find out that the dog had been gone for a total of six days.

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On July 3, the dog ran away after being frightened by the fireworks and they haven’t seen or heard from her since then. They have no idea where she is. To everyone’s relief, the band of daredevil explorers arrived just in time to save and assist the priceless ethyl.

A member of the group by the name of Jessica Rose came to the conclusion that the incredible rescue of Ethyl should be videotaped and then posted on her TikTok account. In the video, Jessica can be heard commenting that Ethyl seemed exhausted and was covered in ticks when they found her. She also mentioned that Ethyl was afraid when they found her.

Cheetos were all the kayakers could provide him to satisfy his hunger, and they also provided him with some water so that he would not become dehydrated. He was really hungry.

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In spite of the precarious situation that Ethyl found herself in, the dog calmly allowed herself to climb onto a kayak and start working on her rescue mission. It looked as though she understood that aid was being provided to her and that, after enduring such a terrifying event, she would soon be returning to her home.

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According to Jennifer,

“I was taken aback and shook with fear. But after waiting for two hours, she stood up on her own. She had no complaints. The way she was dressed made it look like she was floating down the river.

After pulling Ethyl from the water and bringing her back to safety, the athletes arranged for her family to get together with them so that they could catch up after being separated for so many days. While the owners of the dog were attending a wedding at the time, the couple’s son was responsible for collecting up the dog and bringing her back to the house.

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