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A package delivery man saves a dog from drowning by jumping into a pool.


An employee at Amazon is a man by the name of John Cassabria. The task of delivering products to the homes of customers is within his purview. When the man was carefully delivering packages in Woburn, Massachusetts, a month ago, he overheard something that was rather peculiar and out of the ordinary.

In an effort to improve his hearing, John opened the door of his delivery truck; but, he was still unable to identify the peculiar sound that he had been hearing.

The following is what John, The Dodo, says:

“I was unable to make sense of the cacophony that I could hear. It sounded like an onslaught by sirens coupled with howls, like the way that the wind sounds when it howls through the tree branches.


The man got out of the car and decided to follow the sounds, which led him to a fence that surrounded a home. After more investigation, he discovered the source of the peculiar sound; it was a dog stranded in a pool pleading for rescue.

Apparently, the sad aged dog was wondering around the area when, by accident, he walked to the pool.

It is unknown how long the 14-year-old Husky called Luka had been in the water, but he was too exhausted to continue swimming.

According to John:

Once I understood what was making the sound, it ceased to be mysterious and instead became terrifying. The rhythm of my heart skipped a few times. I didn’t know for sure that he was still with us until I reached him, and once I did, all I could think about was pulling him out of the water and making sure he was okay.

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The man dove headfirst into the river with his clothes and shoes on, intending to retrieve the animal from the water and bring it to safety on dry land.

After making such an admirable and heroic effort, he made sure that the dog was in good health and that it was able to breathe on its own.

According to John:

“As I climbed out of the water, I found myself both dumbfounded and afraid. I was afraid that he might give up on him. I stayed by his side whenever he pushed me, slapped me with his paw, or got me up off the ground.

John made the decision to call animal control and waited for them for an hour and a half next to Luka while they arrived.

To everyone’s good fortune, the officer in charge was also a neighbor of Luka’s family, and he immediately phoned them to warn them of the situation.

After learning of the miraculous rescue, Luka’s family was blown away and sought to better understand what had taken place. According to the dog’s owners, the senior canine had broken away from his dog handler and gotten into some sort of trouble before the latter arrived, which led to the occurrence.

It turned out that John was in the area and was able to come to everyone’s rescue. Lucy Cadwell, Luka’s mother, wanted to convey her most sincere appreciation to the selfless and courageous man since she was aware of how important his acts were to her pet.

According to John:

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“I am aware that a lot of people have been using the words “heroic” and “hero,” and perhaps it is just me being modest, but even after a month has passed, I still do not regard myself as a hero. I saw myself as a person who acted in a manner consistent with that of any responsible dog owner.


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