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When strays come into his restaurant, the owner feeds them for free.


The owner of a restaurant in Peru went above and above to help a litter of abandoned pups. While there are many kind individuals who help animals in need, this particular restaurant owner went above and beyond.

Five years ago, when an inquisitive patron stopped by, the eatery that Gerardo Ortiz owns and operates, Ajilalo, they were surprised by an occurrence that had never happened before. A little dog that was walking about the neighborhood suddenly stopped in front of the restaurant and let out a howl that suggested it was really hungry.

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The man might have reprimanded the dog and driven it away by scaring it, but Gerardo chose to offer him a delicious meal that was specially made for him instead. After that, a wonderful tradition was formed, and to this day, the puppy is responsible for seeing to it that it is followed, no matter what.


After that, the starving and helpless dog made his way to Gerardo’s restaurant each night in order to get his free meal.

It didn’t take long for the strays and abandoned canines in the area to get wind of Gerardo’s generosity. The human welcomed each new canine visitor as he or she came, following the lead of the first visitor who was a dog.

There are now a great number of dogs in need that are presenting themselves to Gerardo’s restaurant; some of these dogs are regulars, while others are newbies. However, they are all able to sate their hunger by devouring the delicious meal that the good-natured individual generously offers for them all.

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While Gerardo is often able to detect when a dog approaches and settles in front of his place while he is cooking on the grill, this time was different. They are being really polite and studying everything that is going on around them in the hopes that the rumor about the restaurant giving out free dinners is true.


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