This man makes a bed that moves so his old dog can enjoy her last beach vacation. – Animals Nature Press

This man makes a bed that moves so his old dog can enjoy her last beach vacation.


In the United States, Tom Antonino, his wife, and their dog Cocoa all make their home in Georgia. Their family has made going to the pier in Virginia Beach a tradition over the course of many years. Cocoa, a Chesapeake Retriever who was 16 years old and had lost the capacity to walk about easily, requested that her father construct a bed that could be moved so that she may spend her last holiday at the beach.

Cocoa’s owners were determined to help her live a regular life until the end of her days, and they did all they could to make that happen. Because of this, Tom came up with the brilliant idea of developing a mobile bed for the family’s beloved dog, which made it easy and pleasant to transport the dog to the spot that she chose.

The following comment was supplied by Tom, Cocoa’s father, to the local news station WTKR:

“My wife and I came up with a scheme in which we would use a motorized creeper and other such gadgets in order to take her on walks. We were able to move everything by tying it all together with a bed and a rope, which we then used to move everything.


Tom and his wife Lauren hurried Cocoa to the seaside in Virginia Beach as quickly as they could after finishing the building of the mobile bed so that they could watch the sun go down.

Carrie Copenhaver approached the two people, asked them to stop, and snapped several photographs of them, which she then uploaded to her Facebook account.

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The author said that:

While Mike and I were riding our bikes down the boardwalk a few weeks ago, we happened to come across this guy wandering along with his much-loved animal companion.

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