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The Happy Reaction of the Dog Whose Mouth Was Taped Shut When These Men Found Him


The plumber Carlos Carrillo and his coworker started the previous Friday like any other day, but they were shortly called upon to save the life of a puppy that had been abandoned by a callous man.

The two employees of Shoreline Plumbing were on their way to a job in Robstown, Texas, when they spotted a peculiar person in a ditch off the country road that they were traveling on. The figure was in the middle of the road. They were confused about what they had just seen, but it was for the best that they decided to pause and take a closer look at it.

Carrillo told The Dodo that at first, they didn’t understand that the animal in question was a dog. “When we whirled around, we were able to see him.”

They abruptly came to the conclusion that the dog required immediate treatment after discovering that he had been restrained with tubing and that his lips had been duct-taped shut.


Whoever had left the dog in such a state had undoubtedly intended for it to die of loneliness, but Carrillo and his friend weren’t going to allow that happen to the dog. They hastened to his help and freed him once they got there.

Carrillo said that it seemed like he was doing fine. “He had a heart of gold and relished being the center of attention. He was very loving. It’s quite unlikely that he spent more than a few of days in that location.

The two plumbers then loaded the little dog into their vehicle and proceeded to Peewee’s Pet Adoption, a no-kill shelter located in the immediate area. The dog was thankful to the people who had helped him despite all that had happened to him, even the fact that strangers had stopped to aid him.

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Carrillo observed, “Take a good look at that face.” “He is aware that he has been rescued!”

Fortunately, an inspection revealed that the dog was in relatively fair health following his trauma — but he does have heartworms, which will need continuing treatment. But, for the most part, he seemed content to be alive.

“His tail won’t stop wagging,” a shelter representative told The Dodo. “He’s a real sweetie.”

Unfortunately, it’s possible that the person responsible for abandoning the dog may never be identified or brought to justice. However, the life of the abused puppy was saved by those who came to his aid, and the person who wished to end the dog’s life was prevented from doing so. He is now seeking for a place where he can call his permanent home.




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