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Boy Spends His Free Time Giving Baths to Stray Dogs in the Hope That They Will Be Adopted.


We are lucky to be in a position to do something about the fact that there are a lot of animals who have been deserted and are searching for new homes. A little act of kindness, such as giving a stray animal some food, a drink of water, or even just a pat, can have a significant impact.

Thiago, a young boy from Brazil who is just 11 years old, has taken this responsibility very seriously and formed a project that he calls “Sou de rua mas to limpinho,” which roughly translates to “I am a tramp, but I am clean.” Thiago’s goal is to help other homeless people. Thiago goes about the town looking for stray dogs, then he gives them baths and makes them ready for adoption so that other people may take them in.

Thiago stated the following to The Dodo:

“As the previous year came to a close, I came to the conclusion that I needed to do something to assist animals. I remarked to my father that people give stray dogs baths in order to maintain their pleasant odors and to alter how other people see them when they are out in public.


The undertaking was first plagued by a number of challenges, but Thiago and his father were quickly able to overcome these obstacles.
Thiago will now explain:

“Because they are constantly mistreated and are always afraid, it is difficult to capture dogs that are living on the street. As a result, we put off cleaning them for a time until my father had a conversation with the non-governmental organization known as Noah’s Ark, after which point we started washing his newly rescued dogs.

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In order to maximize the likelihood that one of the dogs would be adopted, Thiago gives each dog a bath and then conducts a stunning photo shoot with them. The images are altered by Thiago’s father, who is also the one who shares them on Thiago’s many social media accounts.

To this day, Thiago has given a total of 48 strays a bath. He does this with the assistance of his whole community, which has supported him with presents of pet shampoo and other washing equipment.
The most notable aspects of the boy

Because the vast majority of the scaly ones have been accepted, it is quite evident that the initiative was effective. This gives me a lot of motivation to keep going.

Through his deeds and his example, Thiago hopes to change the way that people think about strays and inspire them to take them into their homes and give them a second chance at life.

After that, Thiago said:

“I want people to be able to adopt children without feeling afraid. It is the best there is anywhere in the entire world. Having said that, they do it with the full comprehension that the dog is neither a property nor a plaything. He is a creature with a long lifetime that only wants to show us love. He is in love with us.


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