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This is Chata, The Little Kitten Who Sleeps Like A Person


Everyone who loves cats is aware that if there is one thing that cats like doing more than anything else, it is napping.

They will sleep whenever they want, whenever it is convenient for them, whether it is during the day, the night, lunchtime, or breakfast. They will sleep almost wherever that will accommodate them, including our beds, floors, faces, and computers.

Because a sleeping cat is one of the most endearing sights in the world, we are ecstatic to hear it (well, maybe not so much about the laptop) because we could not be happier about this development.

And now, thanks to one itty-bitty cat, the adorable act of napping has been made even sweeter!

This tiny munchkin kitten, who’s name is Chata, has developed a very unique and extremely charming manner of sleeping; instead of curling up into a ball, he lays flat on his back like a small person.


When photographs of Chata in his adorable sleeping pose were shared to Instagram, they rapidly became so popular that they went viral on the social media platform.

This tiny bundle of happiness has utterly blown us away, and as a result, it was only natural for us to gather some cute pictures of it for you to enjoy.

As if Chata wasn’t cute enough, this little munchkin insists on sleeping on his back.

The adorable kitten looks like he’s trying his best to sleep like a human.

Wherever and whenever he sleeps, it’s always on his back.

Perhaps so he’s always ready to pounce!

Chata loves playing with his sister, Chava.

But definitley needs to take several little catnaps after all of their wild adventures.

We’d be so tempted to touch those little feet!

But he looks so relaxed. Wouldn’t want to ruin his beauty-sleep.

Just when we thought kittens couldn’t get any cuter we discover this little furball.

Life is truly full of adorable little surprises.

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