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This Cat Has A Squirrel-Like Majestic Fluffy Tail


Autumn is the season of pumpkins, hot drinks, cozy sweaters, and seeing squirrels happily playing in the leaves for the majority of us. So naturally, we were ecstatic to learn that there is a cat out there with a squirrel-like tail.

Meet Bell, a magnificent cat with a fluffy tail you’ll want to touch just to feel how lovely it is. Bell’s owner also has other pets, so she is always surrounded by fuzzy companions, whether feline or canine.

We’re big cat people, and we hope you are too. Check out Bored Panda’s earlier posts on the magnificent Finnish cat Sämpy, the grumpy cats Bocco and Zuu, Zelda, a perpetually surprised-looking cat with a taste for poetry, and a woman from Moscow who photoshops cat faces on animals and weird items after you’re done with this one.


She has a fluffy tail

Just like a squirrel

Rico is the owner of Bell. On Instagram, rico rico has over 153,000 followers who watch their pet’s antics. I’m not going to lie: Bell’s buddies are equally charming. And the videos of them all fooling around together made us grin.

Bell lives in Japan

Bell is a Minuet cat

Bell is three years old and will turn four in May. She’s a Minuet (also known as the Napoleon cat), which is a combination of Persians and Munchkins (yes, there is such a feline breed). Persians x Munchkins = the Cat Emperor of France, to put it another way.

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