While her 900-pound horse gets stuck in the mud for three hours, the rider remains by her side the whole time. – Animals Nature Press

While her 900-pound horse gets stuck in the mud for three hours, the rider remains by her side the whole time.


After the massive animal got mired in mud, a young lady stayed at her side for more than three hours. The fight against time to rescue the horse was finally successful despite the rapidly rising water level. At first, the selfless mother was able to save both her daughter and another horse because to her quick thinking and bravery.

The mother, daughter duo, and their two horses had a beach holiday that turned out to be a living nightmare very immediately. When the big horses were entangled in the mud, Nicole Graham was on Astro, who was 17 years old, and her daughter Paris was riding a horse of a more manageable size. The mother took out running in a frantic chase after her daughter and the horse she was riding.

Astro was having a hard time finding his way out of the situation, and his frantic attempts to extricate himself just caused him to sink even worse. As a result, his owner clung to him in an attempt to soothe him down until the time when the owner’s little daughter Paris went looking for assistance. The young lady made her way to their vehicle, where she was able to place a call for assistance. During this period, her mother stayed by Astro’s side.

When the rescue squad finally came, the horse and his owner were both completely spent from the ordeal. After successfully sedated Astro, they were able to successfully extract him from the danger zone. Graham, who owns 10 horses, found the whole thing to be a very terrible experience.

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“It was a terrible experience. According to what the lady said to the Geelong Advertiser, it was really heartbreaking to see her horse struggling and seeming exhausted. Because the muck was everywhere, every time I moved it dragged me back down, and I couldn’t get up. We were not permitted to leave the premises.

The horse was rescued thanks to the efforts of the team from the fire department, which included a local farmer and a veterinarian. It’s a blessing that all that happened to Astro was that he got dehydrated rather than being wounded.

Roger Buckle, a fire lieutenant, said that “it was a race against the tide and we were lucky enough to win.” “It was like a quicksand.”

The veterinarian, Stacey Sullivan, said that the horse’s owner, Nicole Graham, was the one who ended up saving its life. “A lot of horses don’t make it, and I believe that the chances of survival would have been a lot lower without the owner present,” she added. “A lot of horses don’t make it.”

Watch the video down below for more information on this exciting rescue!

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