A UPS driver who took in the pit bull after the death of the dog’s previous owner and adopted him now sees the dog waiting for his new owner each day. – Animals Nature Press

A UPS driver who took in the pit bull after the death of the dog’s previous owner and adopted him now sees the dog waiting for his new owner each day.


There is a widespread misunderstanding that dogs and UPS drivers cannot get along, but if the story in the video that can be seen below is any indication, this is not the case. Katie Newhouser has been employed with UPS for the better part of sixteen years at this point.

During the course of her extensive career, she has definitely met more dogs than she can count; yet, only one dog in particular has been able to earn a very unique and significant place in her heart.

According to a post that Katie made on Facebook, “he would always start barking as I drove into the apartment complex.” When I pulled over, he would invariably climb into the cab of my truck.

Katie runs into Leo at a place she visits on a semi-regular basis (at least a couple times a month). Tina, a kind and caring woman, had raised Leo since he was a young puppy. Tina was Leo’s owner. Tina and Leo had a very close relationship, as you would have guessed, and even Katie was able to perceive the connection between them.


But Katie found out one day when she was visiting to see Leo that Tina had sadly passed away while she was away while she got the news. The dog was entrusted into the care of her son, who serves in the Marine Corps.

Due to the fact that Katie and Leo had grown to have a rather strong connection over the course of their time together, Katie decided to contact the son and inquire about the possibility of his donating the dog to her. Katie felt that despite the fact that she already had six dogs in her care, Leo would fit in just fine. They have now become a unified and joyful extended family.

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She reported that he has adjusted rather well despite the fact that he surely found it confusing at first. Both he and his brother Moose have nothing but love and admiration for one another. They are presently playing, despite the fact that it took his sister Bailey a while to get into the game. As soon as Leo entered the house, the atmosphere underwent a dramatic transformation.

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