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ER Doctor Saves Dying Stray Cat


It is possible that “Miracle” is an uncommon name for a cat, but in this scenario, there is no other name that is more appropriate.

There was almost little information available about the white stray cat before Friday. Outside of the Ozel Akgün Tem Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, is where he came dangerously close to losing his life.

When Miracle first sought to enter the building, he did so through the front rotating door. This is when all of his problems began. A man who was leaving at the time failed to see the cat and accidentally squeezed him between a glass panel and the door jamb. The cat was injured as a result of this incident.

The man pulled over promptly, but it was too late to avoid any injury. The trapped cat can be seen writhing in anguish on the surveillance tape as other people come around to attempt to rescue him.

An emergency room physician named Halil Akyürek, who works at the medical facility, was one of the people who became aware of the ruckus at the entrance. He was there to lend a hand.


According to Akyürek, who spoke to the news site Haber Turk, “the cat’s neck was completely trapped.” He was having a difficult time and was trying to breathe. I put my hand on the back of his head and gently pulled him away from the door so that it could be opened. We started performing CPR right away.”

A tense video shows Akyürek stroking the cat’s heart and bringing him back to life after he had been declared dead.

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After some time had passed, the cat was hurried into the hospital, where he received oxygen treatment. In the meanwhile, Akyürek sought the advice of a veterinarian to discover which medications were necessary for the cat and how to administer them.

After that point, things could only get better.

Much better.

Akyürek was one of the people who contributed to the decision-making process about the cat’s new name. He was motivated by the cat’s speedy recovery. After that, though, the doctor went one step farther.

He provided shelter for him.

It turns out that the former stray who was taken back from the edge to have his life altered was brought back from the brink to have his life transformed, and that may be the greatest miracle of all.

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