A dog takes in a baby goat whose mother turned her away, and feeds her like one of her own puppies. – Animals Nature Press

A dog takes in a baby goat whose mother turned her away, and feeds her like one of her own puppies.


At the time of her birth, Rita the baby goat’s mother refused to accept her and instead chose to leave her. On the other hand, Blizzie the dog came to her rescue and took care of her.

Now, she feeds her together with her other four puppies; there is no distinction between her and any of the other members of the family.

The farmer Glori Rushing, who is only eighteen years old, told Metro UK that the moment Rita’s mother, Smore, refused to feed her, Blizzie took over: she jumped into the pen and took Rita to bed with her own babies, whom she had given birth to just a few days earlier. Smore had just given birth a few days earlier.

The dog, who was three years old, and Rita, who was just four weeks old, developed a great relationship.


“Blizzie just just gave birth to a litter of pups, and the fence that surrounds her enclosure is around six feet in length. She then proceeded to crawl over it, take up Rita, and place her among her own litter of pups, the witness said.

Gloria’s decision to let Blizzie and Rita to be together was influenced by the fact that Blizzie naturally took care of Rita. The statement that “she was doing a fantastic job” was made by her. She was able to provide sufficient milk for everyone.

Nathaniel and Glori’s first attempt at feeding her was with a bottle, but the baby was more interested in the breast milk of her foster mother. They originally attempted to reconnect Rita with her biological mother, but when the mother refused to accept her again and again, they gave Blizzie permission to adopt Rita.

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“Blizzie is meant to assist care for the farm and the goats, but I’ve never seen her take such good care of one of the animals before. I was feeding Rita a bottle of dog milk every two hours since I didn’t sure how goats would react to the dog milk, but instead she went to Blizzie.

Rita and the other pups get along well, and she is extremely patient and kind with them; nonetheless, she has enormous paws that are unusually lengthy. “It’s almost as if she thinks she’s one of the pups,” she said.

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