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A photographer crawls across marsh to save a dying animal.


Photographers that specialize in wildlife sometimes put themselves in dangerous environments and expose themselves to all types of weather in order to get breathtaking shots of animals. In most cases, they will not go miles through icy, muddy muck to save animals. Krzysztof Chomicz, a Polish photographer, did just that when he came across a big bird of prey that was stranded in the mud a considerable distance from the coast. Additionally, a drone was used to film the whole rescue operation.

When Chomicz and a few other photographers were taking pictures near the marshlands of Swinoujscie, which is a city in the northwestern part of Poland, they came upon the enormous bird partially immersed in the oily muck at low tide. The bird’s efforts to free itself from the muddy trap had worn him down, and he was now unable to move.

Chomicz was aware that the bird would perish in the water if someone did not intervene soon to save him. Therefore, he started to crawl out to the bird in order to save it while a drone flew above them both.

In the video, Chomicz can be seen tying a rope around his waist so that a buddy may pull him back to secure ground as Chomicz watches from a safe distance.


Chomicz does eventually manage to get to the bird, and at that point he began the arduous job of dragging the bird back to the beach.

It must have taken a great deal of work for the animal to muster the strength and stamina necessary to bring the bird back to safer ground.

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As soon as they were back on stable ground, Chomicz quickly put the frightened bird in a bag and drove him to the nearest animal sanctuary as fast as they could.

It was there that the bird was wiped off with water, which revealed a magnificent young eagle that had been lurking under all of the filth. When its true identity as a white-tailed eagle was finally established, its age was believed to be somewhere around six months at the time.

The name “Icarus” was given to the eagle by the animal sanctuary in honor of the figure from Greek mythology.

Icarus has been given a second opportunity to take to the sky once again as a direct result of the extraordinary efforts made by Chomicz and his companions.

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