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Good dog finds hidden fire, and saves his family


When Caitlyn Radel-Paaby first encountered Willow, she had the impression that she was a well-behaved young girl. According to what Radel-Paaby shared with The Dodo, “She is a cuddler and adores giving hugs.”

Even though the Great Pyrenees puppy is only 10 months old, she is still pretty reserved, but when it comes to her family, there is nothing she wouldn’t do to protect them, as the courageous youngster recently demonstrated.

When Radel-Paaby returned home from the supermarket the evening before Thanksgiving, she discovered that her boyfriend was babysitting her little son downstairs, but Willow was nowhere to be seen. Radel-Paaby immediately suspected that something was amiss when the pup didn’t come to see her despite the fact that Willow is very devoted to her mother.

Following her exploration of the house, she found Willow hiding below the desk in the office. Radel-Paaby elaborated, “She got under the desk and started behaving anxiously and barking and she wouldn’t come out.” She even resorted to being defensive in order to get our attention, and it was at that point that we realized where she was trying to direct it.


Radel-Paaby had no clue what had sparked Willow’s curiosity, but when she touched the wall, it felt warm. Radel-Paaby was perplexed. Even before the fire had started, Willow had noticed smoke coming from the electrical socket that was located under the desk.

The family called the fire department, and firefighters arrived quickly to put out the blaze and put out the sparks. “The fire department claimed that our house would have gone up in flames overnight if we hadn’t seen it when we did,” Radel-Paaby continued. “If we hadn’t spotted it when we did, it would have been too late.”

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Radel-Paaby couldn’t contain her happiness when she learned that her older kid had saved their lives and helped her get beyond her “puppy fear stage.”

Radel-Paaby continued by saying, “She has never done anything like this before, and both you and I were surprised.” “She clings to me like crazy, typically warning if something is wrong but never anything big till the outlet,” I was told. “She is constantly making sure that her human brother is okay.”

The next day, as the family gathered together once more in safety around the Thanksgiving table, they came to the realization that they had something to be thankful for — their savior Willow.


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