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A cute little dog was asking for help on a busy street.


In order to get people’s attention in Romania, a stray dog used to chase after everyone who walked by. Even though she was a street survivor, she could tell by the way she held herself that some of the individuals she met may be able to help her.

On many occasions, witnesses saw him wandering about aimlessly, dodging automobiles and following individuals as if he were on the lookout for something or someone.

Thankfully, the Howl of the Dog rescuers became aware of the plight of the homeless dog and took the choice to track her down and provide assistance to her.

The volunteers who work for the rescue organization were keen about rescuing the dog because they wanted to enhance the conditions in which she was living and offer her with a more favorable future. They were able to find her as soon as they arrived at the location, but they had to proceed with caution as they approached her so as not to startle her too much and prompt her to make an attempt to run away.


The people who rescued the dog’s worst nightmare was that it would break free from their grasp, start racing around the neighborhood, and be struck by a vehicle. They then devised a plan to approach her in a manner that was more subtle, and as part of this plan, they offered her an assortment of delicacies in an attempt to earn her trust.

The plan was effective, as shown by the fact that the volunteers were able to rescue her by wrapping the leash around her neck and rescuing her in a matter of minutes. After that, the process became much easier, and they made the choice to take her to the local veterinarian for an examination in order to establish the nature of the problems that she was having.

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While they were traveling, the dog gave off the impression that it was having a wonderful time, and before long, they all arrived at the veterinary clinic together.

A veterinary examination was performed on the dog in order to ascertain its age, to ascertain whether or not it has a microchip (which is mandatory in Romania), and to ascertain whether or not it needed any vaccines. It was later determined that the dog, whose saviors gave her the name Lily, was two years old, in excellent health, and did not need any vaccinations; hence, everyone was satisfied with the outcome.

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