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Four-day-old dog that was trapped in the river gets adopted by his rescuer


A young dog who had been submerged for four days in the river that runs through Detroit before being pulled from the water, treated for his injuries, and eventually adopted by the person who had been the one to save his life.

It would seem that a coyote was chasing after the little dog called Miracle and eventually abandoned him on the icy bank of the river. Thankfully, they were able to recover him in time despite the arduous rescue effort created by the weather and the fragile river ice. Both of these factors contributed to the difficulty of the situation.

After enduring threats from coyotes, eagles, and cold temperatures, as well as a tumble into the river, the adorable puppy was able to climb back up onto the ice where it had been before.

Due to the difficult conditions in which it was found, there were a lot of people who observed what the puppy was suffering through, but none of them seemed to be able to help it. Fortunately, a heroic guy who lives on the other side of the river took the necessary precautions to rescue the poor dog by crossing the river by himself. He was accompanied by his youngster.


It is noteworthy to note that the border between the United States of America and Canada is formed by the Detroit River, namely in the area between the cities of Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario in Ontario. The location of the dog was being monitored on both sides of the river, and when Jude Mead and his son saw that the dog was getting closer to the Canadian bank, they took the choice to take some kind of action.

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The guy and his son are both involved in the marine construction business known as J&J Marine, which is situated in Windsor. Despite the potential threat to their lives, Jude and the rest of his team were able to successfully navigate the river utilizing a hydrofoil produced by BASF Corporation.

Because of the ice, getting to the spot where the puppy was hidden—a little patch of land that had formed in the middle of the river—proved to be an extraordinarily difficult task. They were successful in locating him, rescuing him, and transporting him to a veterinary clinic after they developed a sound plan and put it into action.

Lucretia Greear, a veterinarian at the Woodhaven Animal Hospital, provided the following explanation to WXYZ:

They were able to rescue him after physically making their way to the little island where he was hiding.

The veterinary hospital found that the dog had ice on his hair as well as frostbite on his paw pads and scrotum. Additionally, the dog suffered frostbite on his scrotum. Because he had been buried beneath the ice for four days, the primary objective at that time was to stabilize him. He was suffering from pancreatitis and dehydration at the time, both of which were caused by his ordeal.



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