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This man took his cancer-stricken dog to the mountains for one last adventure.


Unfortuitously, we will all, at some point in time, be forced to understand how to let go of the things we adore the most. This is a challenging lesson in life that Carlos Fresco has just learnt with his labradoodle, Monty, who is 10 years old. The two friends had been through a lot together, particularly in the prior 18 months, and they had a lot of stories to tell. And despite the fact that the voyage that followed was very difficult for Carlos, he never left his dog’s side until it was too late.

Just recently, Carlos learned that Monty had just a short amount of time left to live. He came to the conclusion that it would be best for his dog, who was suffering from blood cancer, to go on one more journey with him before she passed away.

According to Carlos, The Brecon & Radnor Express:

“Since Monty’s cancer had come back, I knew he was dying. He received chemotherapy after being diagnosed 18 months ago, and he did quite well. Unfortunately, his leukemia returned eight weeks ago and swiftly worsened.


Carlos has a good buddy who lives in Brecon, Wales, but he needed to fly to London to visit a doctor since he was having health issues. When Carlos volunteered to take him, he took advantage of the chance to embark on one more journey with Monty.

They stayed with some friends after they got to Brecon, which provided Carlos and Monty with the opportunity to climb to the peak of Pen y Fan. It went really well; a lot of hikers stopped to say hello and meet Monty, and they also helped him ascend to the top of the mountain using a wheelbarrow that Carlos had customized. It was a lot of fun.

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Chuck said:

We had to make do with taking him on tours of some of the most beautiful lighthouses in the area since he loves going on walks in the hills. Despite the fact that he was fragile, he enjoyed the attention and adulation that so many of his lovers lavished upon him.

Everyone who interacted with the dog was moved by the touching tale of how he got his name, and the dog was consistently praised for his endearing personality. Monty was delighted to take in the beautiful vistas and converse with other travelers he saw along the way.

As a result of the fact that so many people were aware of Carlos’s kindness, a number of them offered to help him pull the wheelbarrow up the mountain.

A tack on from Charles

“The people who lived in the hills were very kind to one another, and they were grieved by his plight of neglect. In point of fact, total strangers approached us and asked if they might help push Monty on his way to his ultimate destination.


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