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Cat wonders why Baby keeps using HIS chair


Up until the time when his mother became pregnant, Flynn had never been a very friendly cat.

Rachel Franzen, Flynn’s mother, told The Dodo that her son has developed a “extremely protective and caring” personality. “He began following me throughout the house,” the speaker said.

The moment Franzen brought her son Rory home for the first time, Flynn fell in love with his new baby brother, and it was as if he had known all along that he had been waiting for his closest buddy all along. Flynn likes his brand-new baby brother, especially all of the exciting new toys that his sibling brought along with him.


Flynn’s mother surprised him by bringing out a brand new baby bouncer, and although he was pleased, he didn’t seem to understand that the wonderful chair wasn’t intended for him.

Franzen stated that Flynn could be found in the role of the bouncer on a daily basis. “It is very evident that he thinks it is his. He will sit in it, turn over onto his back, and ask for his tummy to be massaged. It’s the place he goes to sleep ‘after breakfast,'”

The bouncer that Franzen has put up in the bathroom is there so that she can keep an eye on Rory as she is getting ready for the day. Flynn will frequently have already set up camp by the time she is ready to put Rory in there, and while she will typically merely shoo him away, there have been times when she has had to…

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… she discovered that another solution included placing Rory immediately on top of Flynn.

Franzen said that Flynn showed his affection for Rory by licking her hand and then beginning to groom himself. “Because Flynn adores Rory,” he remarked. “By the time I pulled out my phone to take shots, he had already moved on to merely stare at Rory and me.” If I hadn’t moved Rory, Flynn would have remained in that position for the whole of the day.

Flynn didn’t show any signs of being bothered by Rory’s being next to him, and it’s likely that he was more concerned with the fact that Rory was attempting to utilize what was obviously his chair.

They remained snuggled up like that until it was time to move on, and there will surely be a great deal more snuggling sessions in bouncer chairs in the years to come. Fortunately, Flynn likes Rory and is excellent at sharing.



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