A 109-year-old man weaves coats for penguins. – Animals Nature Press

A 109-year-old man weaves coats for penguins.


Alfred Date, who had learned to knit a long time ago, spent his latter years proving that we can always do something to help people who are in need. He spent his time teaching others how to knit.

At the time, he was unaware that this pastime would one day become his primary interest and that it would have a significant positive impact on the lives of other penguins.


The wonderful granddad contributed a significant amount of work to the Knits by Nature campaign. Lovely sweaters are being knitted by volunteers in order to protect penguins from the harmful consequences of oil spills.


As a direct consequence of these terrible occurrences, Australia’s ecosystem as well as all of its marine creatures are in severe danger.

In 2001, a spill had an adverse effect on 438 juvenile penguins. Thankfully, 96 percent of them were salvaged, and according to Lauren Barker, who works for the Foundation, the sweaters had a huge influence on the organization’s mission.


The moment a penguin walks into an area where there has been a spill, its feathers immediately become completely coated in oil and are then subjected to the harsh elements. These poor critters are unable to swim or seek for food as they continue to put on weight, which is awful for them.


It would be terrible enough if penguins tried to clean their feathers with their beaks, but then they ended up eating the poison, which is fatal. This makes the problem more worse than it already was.

“Those interested in joining make their intentions known to us in the form of letters. The manager of the Foundation, Jaquelina Alves-Ferreria, was quoted as saying, “We supply them the design, and then they knit the sweaters, and then they deliver them finished.”

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Thankfully, the people who were tasked with saving the penguins came up with the idea of developing little jackets that the birds could wear temporarily and that would act as a protective barrier for them. Alfred Date was a really dedicated volunteer who helped out a lot.


After she had been there for a time, the nurses informed her about the endearing program that the nursing home participated in. He arrived at the realization that it would be wonderful to maintain an active lifestyle while also contributing to a deserving cause.

I’ve never been able to say no to anything that was offered to me. In response to a question about his motivations, Alfred explained in an interview, “I have always wanted to do whatever it takes to help others.”

Credits: Alfred Date


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